A welcome choice.

At WelcomeHealth, we believe high-quality healthcare should be accessible and welcoming to everyone. Your health affects all areas of your life, and your healthcare provider is a personal choice.


But we want this to be as simple as possible for you. Come in, get better and get back to your life.


Here are some common questions about services and clinics we have available:


Q: How does care at WelcomeHealth differ from other clinics in Northwest Arkansas?

A: In terms of medical services, there is little or no difference. Our staff of highly-trained physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists and dental hygienists, and other healthcare professionals, are ready to provide quality, consistent care focused on our patients’ well-being.


Q: Are all WelcomeHealth services free?

A: Yes, we welcome everyone, whether they are uninsured, underinsured or are currently insured, even if they are unable to pay co-pays. 


Q: Can I still come to WelcomeHealth even if I have medical insurance?

A: Yes, we accept most private medical insurance and Medicaid.  


Q: Does WelcomeHealth offer dental services?

A: Yes, our dental clinic offers exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and limited denture referral services. 


Q: Can I have my prescriptions filled at WelcomeHealth?

A: Volunteer licensed pharmacists dispense medications to the clinic’s patients. We also provide this service to those enrolled in patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.


Q: Do you have an all-volunteer staff at WelcomeHealth?

A: We have both volunteer and full-time employees. Having full-time staff means patients are able to see the same healthcare provider on follow-up visits, ensuring continuity of care. Our medical staff includes physicians, dentists, pharmacists, advanced practice nurses, dental hygienists, mental health professionals, physical therapists, x-ray technicians, pharmacy technicians and nutritionists.