Welcome to care.

WelcomeHealth’s staff of qualified professionals are here for one purpose: To welcome you to the best care possible. 

WelcomeHealth is a non-profit medical center focused on patient well-being. We respect our patients’ time, are open and thorough about our recommendations, and listen to what our patients are saying. We are considerate and kind, and want our patients to feel comfortable.

WelcomeHealth offers a broad choice of services with emphasis on the following areas of healthcare:


General care

We welcome you to a healthier lifestyle, which leads to a happier and more productive life. WelcomeHealth improves health every day through these clinics:


Primary Care Clinics

Focusing on your overall health through wellness and prevention.  Primary Care Clinics perform and schedule blood tests and health screenings and act as your point person for on-going medical care.


Work-in Clinics

WelcomeHealth has limited work-in medical openings for established medical patients with acute illnesses. These urgent care openings are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 8:30am and 11:30am.


Gynecology Clinics

Focus on women’s health through testing, preventative care and treatment. 


Pulmonology Clinics

Care for patients with diseases related to lungs and breathing, including asthma, lung cancer and emphysema.


Neurology Clinics

Treatment for patients with a broad range of disorders affecting the nervous system, such as disorders of the brain and spinal cord, muscles and peripheral nerves.


Mental Health Clinics

Care for those suffering depression, acute stress, panic disorder and post traumatic stress, as well as other mental health issues. 


Physical Therapy

Helps patients by reducing pain to improve and restore mobility. 


Diabetes Education

Covers prevention, control and treatment of issues affecting diabetics, such as high/low blood sugar, diet and lifestyle adjustments.


Nutrition Education

Encourages good health by eating better, with emphasis on proper nutrition.


Smoking Cessation

Provides tips on handling cravings, medications and more to help patients stop smoking. 



When necessary, patients are referred to other physicians or specialists for follow-up care.


Dental Care

WelcomeHealth provides care for your teeth and gums with dental care services including:

 Dental extractions

 Comprehensive oral and dental exams

 Dental x-rays

 Dental hygiene cleanings

 Dental restorative fillings

 Dental tooth extractions

 Limited denture referral services

 Dental emergency exams (limited availability to current dental patients only)

*No work-in dental appointments available.


Prescription Assistance for Patients Program (PAP)

Pharmaceutical costs can be a roadblock to a healthier you, but we are able to help make prescription drugs accessible. We have volunteer pharmacists who can fill your prescriptions and a patient assistant who can help you access prescription medication through patient assistance programs.


Call (479) 444-7548 to make an appointment!