Stories of WelcomeHealth

We’re excited and humbled when welcoming health to our friends and neighbors.

Here are some stories we hope give inspiration to welcome good health. For the insured, the underinsured and the fully insured. You can rest assured.


Welcome to health

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller was worried about her health, but had no insurance. As a mom, Elizabeth was used to caring for other people’s needs more than her own. At WelcomeHealth, she found help and was able to get back to the priorities of her life.


Welcoming you to health

James Norys, MD

James Norys, MD finds his work with WelcomeHealth deeply satisfying, and values his commitment to the mission of welcoming everyone who needs health care, as well as the community members and volunteers who support WelcomeHealth along with him.


Welcome to health

Lukysha Neal

Lukysha Neal had no insurance but worried about the stigma of going to a free health center. Her experiences at WelcomeHealth proved to her that she could get compassionate, quality care whether or not she had insurance.


Welcoming you to health

Kenton Ross, DMD

Kenton Ross, DMD knows the importance of dental issues in overall health. Being able to serve people who need his services is rewarding, and his commitment to state of the art dental care adds value to WelcomeHealth.


Welcome to health

Patrick McDowell

Patrick McDowell needed a joint replacement so he could work and enjoy time with his family. He was impressed that WelcomeHealth took care of his well-being in general — not just his hips. WelcomeHealth was “a lifechanger” for him.