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(479) 444-7548

Do you have a heart for people in our community who need healthcare?

Are you aware of the obstacles that keep many of our fellow citizens from receiving the care they need? Consider a donation to WelcomeHealth.

WelcomeHealth is dedicated to providing quality health care services for all Northwest Arkansas residents without barriers of cost. Your tax-deductible contribution makes it possible for us to fulfill this mission.


How does your donation help?


will provide two weeks of test strips for a patient with diabetes.



will provide medications for two patients for one month.



will provide a mammogram for a single mother.


will provide the clinic with medical supplies for one month.


will provide the clinic with dental supplies for one month.

No gifts are too big or small

to help someone who is going through tough times. Most Northwest Arkansas families are one paycheck away from needing our services.


Thank you.